Olympia Schulte is an tattoo artist by day and illustrator by night. She specialises in pen and ink illustration and is trained in
2D animation.

Olympia’s illustrations range through a broad spectrum of subjects, from idyllic doodles to large-scale collages of digital and traditional media. Her pen and ink work often finds itself permanently etched into skin as she hones her craft in tattooing.

In the world of animation, Olympia is inspired by the storytelling power of its rich medium. She is proficient in 2D animation and 3D modelling. While not currently working on any personal films, Olympia is always open to be apart of upcoming projects that need storyboarding and character design work.

Ultimately, Olympia finds joy in the act of creation and can always be found doodling, sketching, and brewing up wild ideas for her next endeavor.

To view her illustration and animation portfolios please contact via email. All tattooing work can be found via her Instagram